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good morning were ever you are salford was were im from tamworth walk was my first address and radcliffe primary schol was the first school i went to i also went to chaigley school then underley hall school i went to  salford college studying infomation tech



as i was growing up i got a section 18 wounding with intent i slashed my cousin was scared to death that i was going jail for life as a section 18 is the most serious offence of violence it got suspended thank fuck so i moved away from salford


try to think about what to write

░H░O░L░D░ E░ N░ S░  

THIS IS A NEW SERVICE Promote Facemine ltd 

we love allowing british people to use our api software developed providing vital services to make a positive difference to your life i hope


Facemine Public

the Facemine 

Your estimated speed range is 8-13Mbps


22nd jan 2022 i collected tickets for 26th febuary 2022 going underground pete daley djing

facemine ltd qr code .jpeg

stay safe kyle learning well.

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