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try to think about what to write

░H░O░L░D░ E░ N░ S░  

today its karl robert holdens day for you to read this Facemine, the company owns 1 platform + 1 app on the appstore i do really hope that everybody that uses facemine on pc or mobile enjoys themself

did you no i met my wife friday the 13th april 2012 in the market hotel we got married on 12th april 2014 and had a baby boy on 6th september 2016 cause i thrown my fairy garden away cause it wasnt been used by kyle our child he is going mad so had to buy him more i started working in home bargins at 15 years old i got to 16 got a scooter of my nana shirley i crashed it down witlane my mum works at a builders yard in morning then she works at a medical center in evening


im a fat bastard me i keep ordering meals when i cant afford it lol

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