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try to think about what to write

░H░O░L░D░ E░ N░ S░  

meet my family


welcome to the holden family site in the photo its victoria and karl holden

well hello there it all begin meeting a female called victoria friday the 13th april 2012 in the market hotel in farnworth we got married 12th april 2014 and had a baby boy 6th september 2016 kyle james holden is living with my mother this is how we thought of building our precious little boy his own private  platform

hello welcome to my family page on this page there is photos of the creators here on facemine ltd


this is our young little man we made on 6th september 2016


this photo is a photo of karl and my mum julie 


this photo is a photo of my father robert


we decided to developed this app facemine ltd we want u all to have fun when visiting our app please comment the legal owner of facemine ltd is the holden family everything we put on my land here is ours


Im Building A Modern Day Communication App Were You Can Stay Connected Right Inside The App


i am from salford you may no me you may not but i made an app living in farnworth bolton i created this for you so i want you to start using it

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