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hello everyone 2nd september 2021 i paid rent to bolton council 372.25 uc said to me that i shouldnt be paying that much

4th october 2021 i paid 297.80 as what i thought was right amount to pay

1st november 2012 they said i owe 372.25 but i only paid 297.80 as this is what uc give me for my rent


1st december 2021 i may pay 372.25 it makes me skint but they mone


u see the video cam its here if you click on and join our meeting you be able to speak n watch the developers of this platform via voice we are sponsored by daily


We're proud to introduce facemine ltd network developed by the holden family we want you to use this app


i like going into smokies cause stella is only £2,50 a pint and its amazing



i hope ourl ittle boy kyle james holden knows that he is loved so much by his perents 


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brexit reality was the best thing the uk has ever done

im glad i voted to leave europe in 2016 and i will do the same again and again

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